Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) Cleaning

LVT Floor Cleaning Wigan

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

Whether used in a home or business setting, LTV flooring combines durability with aesthetic quality. There are now a number of companies manufacturing LVT however two of the most well known are Karndean and Amtico.

This incredibly realistic look also offers additional benefits such as:
• They are warmer underfoot
• They are more cost-effective to install
• They can be more durable and longer lasting
• They are straightforward to install
• They boast relatively low maintenance

These vinyl-based floors have been cleverly designed to offer the appearance of other floor products, such as stone tiles or wood floors.

LVT flooring  is well-suited to both domestic and commercial properties. This is further testament to their versatility. There are many variations available including different shapes and styles which allows the opportunity to create a unique statement.
As with any other floor, over time vinyl floors can become worn and in need of deep cleaning. Gerrards offer a comprehensive service to clean and restore your LVT floors. We offer a professional and efficient service that leaves your flooring looking like new. We have varied knowledge about these floor types which allows us to tailor our services based on your individual requirements.

How to tell if your LTV floors need cleaning or restoration

Most vinyl and tile manufacturers recommend weekly sweeping and dusting of this floor type, along with semi-regular professional cleaning to extend the floor’s lifespan for as long as possible.
How frequently you should professionally clean your LTV floor depends on a number of factors, including the amount of foot traffic it receives, and it’s worth keeping in mind that commercial premises tend to need this kind of upkeep more often than floors in the home.
There are a number of things to look out for when deciding to book a professional restoration of your LTV floor. Your local hard floor professional can help diagnose and resolve the following LTV floor care problems:

Has your LTV flooring become dull and lifeless?
• Has the dressing or sealer become worn and tired looking?
• Have the builders or tradesmen left the floor looking dusty and patchy?
• Are you fed up of mopping the floor for it to quickly lose its lustre after it dries?
• Has it become scratched and dirty, with no amount of mopping or products making a difference?
• Are you looking to bring back that wonderful, just laid finish?


Step 1 – We survey the floor and discuss finish and shine level.
• Step 2 – Protect surrounding areas and sensitive surfaces with specialist low tack masking and protection.
• Step 3 – Vacuum or sweep area to remove dry soil or abrasive grit from the floor
• Step 4 – Application of our custom cleaning agents to remove old sealer, previous treatments or factory dressings.
• Step 5 – Mechanical agitation and power scrub with PH neutral floor cleaner to deep clean and remove years of dirt and grime.
• Step 6 – Fresh water rinsing and high-power vacuum to bring dirt solution into our specialist on board vacuum tanks.
• Step 7 – Speed dry floor and buff to remove footprints and leave a perfect blemish free floor.
• Step 8 – Application of commercial grade polymer floor dressing to give the floor a protective barrier from wear and tear. Available in Matt, Satin or High Shine.
• Step 9 – Customer walk round and inspection process, with full advice given for daily and weekly maintenance.

Benefits of our service
Book our trained and experienced technicians to restore your LTV floor to discover why our customers praise our work.
There are many benefits of or LVT floor cleaning service, including:

• Extend the life of your LTV flooring
• Less maintenance–cleaning / sweeping
• Seal / Dressing helps protect the surface from wear and scuffing
• Better and brighter colour achieved
• A safer, healthier & cleaner environment for your family and pets
• Our process protects your warranty and keeps the floor looking better for longer
• Our service creates minimum disruption and leaves no dust or mess

Why choose Gerrards?

• Fully insured for domestic and commercial work
• Health and safety compliant
• Fully Trained Technicians
• Quality Added Value of service
• Minimum Disruption
• Friendly Personal Service

Call us on 01942 864474 to arrange an appointment for us to survey and demo clean your floor.
This also gives you, the customer, a good indication of the results we can achieve and allows us to quote for the floor correctly, as we know the process required to achieve the desired results.

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