Safety Floor Cleaning

Commercial Safety Flooring

Non-slip safety vinyl floor covering is used in a vast number of industrial and commercial premises due to it being hardwearing and having a non-slip surface, and you will find this type of floor covering in schools, nurseries, restaurants, pubs, toilets, washrooms, canteens, shops, nursing homes, shopping centres, reception areas, doctors surgeries, dentists, chemists, night clubs and factories. But because this type of flooring is semi porous it can be extremely hard work to keep the safety floor covering clean even with regular daily mopping. It is designed to “give” under pressure from the soles of a shoe and can do this because it is porous. But this in time can become dirty as the pores fill up. But with our method and cleaning system we can remove all dirt, grease, soils, and detergent residues that have been left behind with daily use, cleaning and general mopping.

Domestic Safety Flooring
Over the past 15 years, non-slip safety vinyl floor covering has also been used in domestic kitchens, bathrooms, wet rooms and shower rooms, because of its non-slip capabilities. But every now and then these floors become soiled, dirty, greasy and full of detergent residues. These do not help to keep the floor surface non-slip and can become extremely dangerous in damp and wet areas. Our unique multi-step cleaning process will remove all the dirt, soils, grease and soap scum leaving your safety flooring cleaned and restored just like the day it was installed


  1. Pre-test your floors to ensure they will clean to a high standard.
  2. Dry vacuum your floors.  
  3. Apply specialist cleaning products that has been formulated especially for safety floors.
  4. Agitate this using our oscillating floor machine that has been designed to get into all the nooks & crannies.
  5. Extract any excess cleaning product.  
  6. Apply our neutral pH cleaner to leave the floor in a healthy state.
  7. Introduce air movement to rapidly dry the clean floor.
  8. Dry vacuum your floors again.

Why choose Gerrards?

• Fully insured for domestic and commercial work
• Health and safety compliant
• Fully Trained & Experienced Technicians
• Quality Added Value of service
• Minimum Disruption
• Friendly Personal Service

Call us on 01942 864474 to arrange an appointment for us to survey and demo clean your floor. This also gives you, the customer, a good indication of the results we can achieve and allows us to quote for the floor correctly, as we know the process required to achieve the desired results.



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